Richard's Studio - Sales - Timestep shoot

Hi everyone, what an amazing day we all had on Sunday 9th February at the Portchester Parish Hall.  The children were superb, the parents patient and as we heard from the feedback, the photographers were observed to be nervous as we all did our best to capture great images for you!  There are more images of some of the children than others, that is just how it worked out on the day, so no one should feel left out.

Chris, Tim and I, who all worked in 'Richard's Studio', didn't set out to make money from this event, but we all invest a lot in our photography.  Offering sales has been suggested so here we are - we are just amateur photographers, but we have tried to offer good value to you :-)

Do please remember that these are only the pictures taken in Richard's Studio, so if you can't see your child with a different costume etc, hopefully one of the other photographers captured that for you.

We will check any prints ordered are of good quality, before handing them to you, we will use a professional printing lab.  Please kindly read the details below before contacting us with your orders or any questions.

The images in this preview contain a small watermark to protect our work, but hopefully this doesn't spoil your enjoyment :-)  Whether you place an order or not, we are all delighted to show you our results!!



Prints and image sizes

We want to try to keep things simple by offering just two sizes of print, SMALL at 7" x 5" and LARGE at 12" x 8".  Our cameras take images in a 3 x 2 ratio, but in editing we sometimes change the proportions so the finished prints may occasionally have a white area which you can trim if you want to for framing etc. 

Professional printing labs offer a wide variety of print sizes, mounted or framed, canvas prints etc, please ask for a quote if you would like something special!


Digital files

Apart from prints, you may order a digital copy of the edited jpeg file,  to use as you wish.  These vary in size between 10Mb and 20Mb, so we will also include a smaller version to use on smartphones, websites etc. Please remember though that the original copyright remains with the photographer.  If Marks and Spencer want to use our photograph of your lovely child on the front of their catalogue, we need to have a friendly chat about sharing the proceeds :-) 

A link to the digital images ordered will be sent to your email address by the very easy to use WeTransfer service for you to download.  We will of course support you if you have any difficulties.


Pricing and payments

We had to use this photo of the water pistol heist for this section! 

Payments can be made in cash or by bank transfer etc on delivery or before.  Minimum order is £10.

SMALL (approx 7" x 5") prints @ £5 each.

LARGE prints (approx 12" x 8") @ £10 each.

Please ask us about discounts for multiple prints in one order.

DIGITAL jpeg images by download link @ £15 each, 5 for £60 or 10 for £100.



Orders can be placed by email to:

For Richard's photos to

For Chris and Tim's photos to 

Please request what you would like quoting the file number (just the numbers eg 2345) shown on the first thumbnail screen when you pass over with the mouse and at the bottom left of the big pictures. 

We will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have.