North and South - Morocco, Tunisia & South Africa

I have only just started my African journey but sadly in our uncertain world, many places I would like to visit on the African continent, especially Egypt, are now unsafe for Western tourists.  I have family in Cape Town which has led to two memorable visits, the first seeing a great deal in both the Western and Eastern Cape and the second including the Christmas festivities.

I am very glad to have spent an enjoyable visit to Tunisia a few years ago, based in Souse in safer times and a very special week with good friends, staying in the fabulous city of Marrakech, Morocco in November, 2014, now that magical place is a paradise for photographers!!  

This leaves for me the vastness of the 'unexplored interior', perhaps I should seek the permission of The Royal Geographical Society to mount an exhibition - but I think that has already been done.  What unites the North and South of Africa for me is the richness of cultural diversity and above all, as a photographer, the brilliant colours glowing under the hot African sun.  i greatly look forward to more exploration.