Richard Starkey

Welcome to my new photography website, this is by no means a professional portfolio, but it is rewarding to present my photography and travels here in a modern gallery setting

I used to be part of a travel photography library business until there were too many 'free' pictures online! To now have sounds really grand, but I am just someone enjoying my photography of places and people.  Travels in 2016 centred on a month in the American West in the summer.  Since then I have been back to Thailand and Spain, then travels in Italy (Tuscany and Rome) and more of Asia, including 'The Land of Wonder' that is Cambodia, before Christmas 2017. In May 2018 I returned to the Southern USA (AL, LA & TX!) , pictures are currently being added. I will be in Spain again in September with friends.  Another trip to SE Asia around Christmas time is possible. This website has been created to share my images with family, friends and friends of friends who have the required passwords for the locked sections, sorry but my photographs here are not intended for viewing by the general public. I can be contacted via the Contact link at the bottom of this screen.  All images and content here © -  2018.

Photography and Travels